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  • Cop City: Forest Defender Killed by Police in Forest Raid
    In a recent interview on The Takeaway, Kamau Franklin said, "What seems to be underreported is that even at the beginning of the protest against Cop City, when people were doing demonstrations and marches on city sidewalks, we would have at the end of those demonstrations, police jumping in the middle of them and arresting people for just standing or talking after demonstrations. And they've come in during demonstrations. They've used pepper spray. They've violently thrown people to the ground. Folks have been arrested. This is pre the charges of domestic terrorism."  Activists view cop city as proof of the ongoing militarization of the police. Bulldozers and police raids made their way through Weelaunee People’s Park last Wednesday after police killed protester Manuel Terán AKA Tortuguita. Officials say Manuel fired first and have released a photo of the S&W handgun that they say Manuel used to fire at police. But, activists doubt the official account from police. The GBI director says there is no body cam footage from the incident and the Georgia Department of Public Safety released a press release saying they would not be releasing the identity of the trooper who was struck in the abdomen for concerns "for the protection of life, safety, and public property." Local activists are calling for an independent investigation into Tortuguita's death. In the aftermath, protests happened across the country and more protesters in Atlanta have been arrested on “domestic terrorism” charges.  For more, we checked in with Founder of Community Movement Builders Kamau Franklin and Sean, a participant in the Defend the Atlanta Forest movement, for an update on the situation. We also spoke with City Councilmember At-Large Michael Julian Bond who supports the development of cop city. To keep up with our coverage of cop city, check our recent segment. For transcript, see above.
  • Are We Being Gaslit on Gas Stoves?
    When a debate over gas stove regulation blew up this month, it revealed that Americans have a deep affinity for these kitchen appliances. But like “natural” gas, it’s all rooted in marketing that the gas industry has fostered over decades as part of its efforts to combat the rise of electric and renewable energy. Research into the health risks of gas stoves as a source of indoor air pollution is growing, and the effects of methane on climate change are already well-established. We speak with Rebecca Leber, senior reporter at Vox covering climate, about how to finally cut the line on gas power. Read Rebecca's reporting for Vox on the recent gas stove debate, and her previous reporting for Mother Jones on the gas industry's insidious marketing on stoves.   
  • Got Student Loan Questions? We've Got Some Answers
    The Takeaway listeners and producers got the chance to get their student loans questions answered by student loan expert Betsy Moyette while the limbo over Biden's forgiveness plan continues. For the transcript, see above.
  • President Biden at the Halfway Mark
    We’ve just passed the two year anniversary of the inauguration of President Joe Biden. So how are the American people grading him, halfway through? It’s time for a look back at the accomplishments and setbacks of those first two years — and to consider what they mean for a potential Biden-2024 run. We speak with Julian Zelizer, professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University.
  • Tasers Kill
    On January 3rd, Keenan Anderson returned to the familiarity of L-A for what was supposed to be a short visit. He’d recently set out to embark on a new professional career: that of educator as a high school English teacher in Washington, D-C. Kenan hoped to collect a few belongings left behind in the city after the move to his new home. Instead, the man remembered by his uncle for his fearlessness in the face of challenge and adversity, was killed by officers of the Los Angeles Police Department. As tasers remain ubiquitous in police departments across the nation, and officers continue to kill using the weapon, we’re left to wonder if they’re truly “less lethal”. Alex Vitale, Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College, author of City of Disorder: How the Quality of Life Campaign Transformed New York Politics and The End of Policing joins for more.  

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