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KCRW Hollywood Breakdown

Podcast KCRW Hollywood Breakdown
Podcast KCRW Hollywood Breakdown

KCRW Hollywood Breakdown


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  • Dave Chappelle’s ‘The Closer’ prompts trans Netflix employees to plan a walkout next week
    Netflix is in hot water after a series of failed PR moves following the release of Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special, “The Closer.” In the special, Chappelle makes antisemitic, homophobic and transphobic remarks, but Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has stood by “The Closer” in a series of memos, writing, “We have a strong belief that content on screen doesn’t directly translate to real-world harm.”  Now trans Netflix employees and allies are planning a walkout on October 20. 
  • Talent agency CAA acquires rival ICM, continuing the Hollywood consolidation wave
    For a long time, WME and CAA have been the number one and number two agencies in Hollywood. Recently, CAA acquired ICM, the number four agency in terms of size, which now makes CAA bigger than WME and moves it to the number one slot. The merger is part of a wave of consolidation in Hollywood, as companies have had to get bigger to keep up with the tech companies who have taken over the industry. 
  • ‘No Time to Die’ finally opens in the US, with high box office hopes
    After more than a year of pandemic-related delays, “No Time to Die” is finally opening in U.S. movie theaters. The James Bond movie stars Daniel Craig as the famous secret agent for the fifth and final time and has already made more than $120 million overseas. Hollywood’s hope is that “No Time to Die” could come close to making $100 million at its domestic opening. 
  • Universal will be the home of Christopher Nolan’s next project, a film about the creation of the atom bomb
    Director Christopher Nolan’s long relationship with Warner Bros. ended when the studio released his last movie “Tenet” on the streamer HBO Max the same day it opened in theaters. For his next film, Nolan had several demands for potential studios, including a 110-day exclusive theatrical window. Nolan ended up picking Universal for his next project, a World War II drama about the creation of the atom bomb.
  • Time’s Up in crisis as entire board resigns
    Formed in the wake of the #MeToo movement, the Time’s Up organization brought together many high-profile Hollywood women to fight workplace gender discrimination, but the nonprofit has been plagued with problems since the beginning. Recently CEO Tina Tchen resigned after it was revealed that she had supported former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in his sexual harassment investigation. A few weeks later, the entire board of Time’s Up resigned.

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