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  • Conduit 41: Accountability: Doing it Right
    Accountability is a common theme in productivity, but how do you do it so that it's actually helpful? Jay and Kathy help with some tips. Also: Announcing Super Conductor! The Conduit Membership Show that includes extra content, no ads, and a fortnightly virtual coworking meetup!
  • Connected 434: You Won't Believe This New Scam
    Stephen reads some poetry, some Macs got reviewed and Federico makes a confession about his computing life.
  • Clockwise 487: A Trebillionty Menu Bar Apps
    Whether we spec up our Macs, our philosophy on menu bars, what we use for pointing devices, and our screen sizes of choice.
  • Top Four 96: Cakes 🎂🧁🍰🥮🍥🥞
    Our favorite cakes, in honor of Tiff's birthday.
  • The Pen Addict 548: Emergency Cufflinks
    Batman, Tutankhamen, and now this one? Montegrappa has done it again! Brad and Myke talk about their latest unbelievable pen design, discuss the annual Lamy AL-Star release, and one of the strangest pens to cross Brad’s desk in some time.

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