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  • 480: Game Breaker God: Forspoken, Hi Fi Rush, Dead Space Remake, Redfall, Forza Motorsport, ESO, Naughty Dog moving on from Uncharted, Steamworlds Build, Mahokenshi
    Jeff and Christian welcome Youtuber and streamer Game Breaker God to the show to discuss the latest Xbox Developer Direct, latest Activision Blizzard King allegations, the latest news from Naughty Dog, and more! The Playlist: Forspoken, Hi Fi Rush, Dead Space, Mahokenshi Parting Gifts!
  • 479: Laura Dale & Jane Magnet: Layoffs at Microsoft, Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League, PSVR2 Launch Lineup, Playdate Handheld, Forespoken, GeForce Now Ultimate 4080, Inkbound, Dorfromantik, Terraforming Mars, Everdell Complete
    Jeff and Christian welcome co-authors of the new novel Who Hunts the Whale, Laura Dale and Jane Magnet to the show this week to discuss big layoff across several gaming companies, a leaked Battle Pass for Suicide Squad, the PSVR2's 30 game launch line-up, and more! The Playlist: Basingstoke, Dorfromantik, The Playdate Handheld, Forspoken, GeForce Now Ultimate 4080 tier, Inkbound Tabletop Time: Terraforming Mars, Everdell Complete Collection, Klask, Once Upon a Line
  • 478: Gabe Patillo: Skull and Bones delay, Ubisoft cancels more games, Stadia ends, Marvel's Midnight Suns, Call of Duty DMZ, Predecessor, Vampire Survivors, Rumbleverse
    Jeff is joined by Kahlief Adams from Spawn on Me and Gabe Patillo from Married to the Games to discuss Google's last gifts to Stadia owners, Ubisoft's worrisome emergency earnings call, Mirror's Edge developer's critique of achievements, and more! The Playlist: Vampire Survivors, Rumbleverse, Predecessor, COD DMZ, Marvel Midnight Suns, Super Smash Bros Parting Gifts!!
  • BONUS CONTENT: God of War Ragnarok SPOILER Chat
    Welcome to the God of War Ragnarok SPOILER chat! This was recorded and first released to Patrons ( back in November 2022 and now we're sharing it here too. This episode, Jeff and Christian dig into a no holds barred discussion of the details of God of War Ragnarok's story and campaign. SPOILERS aplenty, so don't listen if you don't want to know every last bit of goodness from this all-time great title.
  • 477: Bruce Greene: High on Life, Dave the Diver, Marvel's Midnight Suns, Sony's Project Leonardo, HTC Vive XR Elite, Wizard of the Coast new D&D OGL, Hades, Fallout 76, The Last of Us Part 1
    Jeff and Christian welcome gamer and twitch streamer Bruce Greene to the show this week to discuss game cancelations and strange activity from Wizards of the Coast, HTC's newest AR/VR headset, Sony's big CES announcements, and more! The Playlist: High on Life, Dave the Diver, Fallout 76, The Last of Us Part 1, Hades, Marvel Midnight Suns Parting Gifts!

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