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  • Episode 520: Delia Cai
    Delia Cai is the senior vanities correspondent for Vanity Fair and publishes the media newsletter Deez Links. Her debut novel Central Places is out this week. “This was in like, 2011, where I think actual journalists were still trying to figure out ‘Is it gross to be a brand?’ And at least in school, they were all about it. They’re like, ‘You need a brand, you need to think about what your niche is going to be, you need to think about engaging your audience.’ We had to make websites, we had to blog, and of course, all of us being college students, we started using our blogs to write about each other. We used Twitter to talk shit about each other in a very thinly veiled way. So really, it was the best training for being online.” Show notes: @delia_cai Cai’s Vanity Fair archive Deez Links archive 15:00 Cai’s blog 27:00 "Three Generations of Blue's Clues Hosts Are Still Cool With Being Your Best Friend" (Vanity Fair • Dec 2022) 37:00 "She Invented Adulting. Her Life Fell Apart. She Wants You to Know That’s Okay." (Vanity Fair • May 2022) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Episode 519: Peggy Orenstein
    Peggy Orenstein is a journalist and author. Her latest book is Unraveling. “The challenge is… to not want to say, I need to know what the book is about. I need to have my chapters. I need to know what exactly I'm looking for. Because it's really scary to just go out and report and have trust that there's going to be interesting things and that if you just keep going, you're going to find them. So to not foreclose possibility and options and ideas is the biggest reporting challenge for those sorts of books for me.” Show notes: @peggyorenstein 01:00Girls & Sex (Harper • 2016) 01:00 Boys & Sex (Harper • 2020) 01:00 Cinderella Ate My Daughter (Harper • 2012) 01:00 Waiting for Daisy (Bloomsbury • 2007) 01:00 Unraveling (Harper • 2023) 14:00 Salt: A World History (Mark Kurlansky • Penguin Books • 2003) 18:00 "Mourning My Miscarriage" (New York Times Magazine • Apr 2002) 21:00 Schoolgirls: Young Women, Self-Esteem and the Confidence Gap (Anchor • 1995) 25:00 "Champion of the Deep" (New York Times Magazine • Jun 1991) 37:00 Bird by Bird (Anne Lamott • Anchor • 1995) 47:00 Aftersun (A24 • 2022) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Episode 518: Jonathan Goldstein
    Jonathan Goldstein is an audio producer and the host of Heavyweight. “I wasn’t taking myself very seriously, initially. I liked working with my friends and family because I think I was a little more comfortable with them. Then in the second season people were writing in with real problems, and they were looking at me as a kind of expert. It was terrifying to meet with these people and see the look of hopefulness in their eyes. ... I realized I need to step it up and even if I didn’t feel like an expert—an expert in an invented field that doesn’t really exist—that I’d really have to take that on with seriousness.” Show notes: @J_Goldstein Goldstein’s Heavyweight archive 02:00 "Plan B" (Ira Glass • This American Life • Feb 2002) 10:00 Goldstein’s This American Life archive 14:00 Lenny Bruce is Dead (Counterpoint Press • 2006) 16:00 "I Know What You Did This Summer" (Ira Glass • This American Life • Aug 2001) 17:00 "Other People’s Problems" (Jonathan Goldstein • CBC • Sept 2020) 19:00Goldstein’s Wiretap archive, selected and republished by the CBC 23:00 "What I Should’ve Said" (Ira Glass • This American Life • Jan 2004) 23:00 "Recordings for Someone" (Ira Glass • This American Life • Jan 2002) 26:00 "Buzz" (Jonathan Goldstein • Gimlet • Sept 2016) 31:00 "The Elliotts" (Jonathan Goldstein • Gimlet • Dec 2022) 33:00 "Justine" (Jonathan Goldstein • Gimlet • Oct 2021) 33:00 "Stephen" (Jonathan Goldstein • Gimlet • Oct 2021) 37:00 "Dr. Muller" (Jonathan Goldstein • Gimlet • Nov 2019) 43:00 "Another Roadside Attraction" (Jonathan Goldstein • Gimlet • Nov 2022) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Episode 517: Katy Vine
    Katy Vine is an executive editor for Texas Monthly. “This is a huge state. There’s so much, and it’s different everywhere you look. You just go to Houston and there’s worlds within worlds within worlds just within the one city. You go to San Antonio and you’re in a different country, and you go to Dallas, you’re in a totally different country. … It’s wild to me. It’s endlessly fascinating.” Show notes: @Katy_Vine Vine on Longform Vine’s Texas Monthly archive 07:00 "Family Circus" (Texas Monthly • Aug 2002) 16:00 "Just Desserts" (Texas Monthly • Jan 2016) 20:00 "The Wildest Insurance Fraud Scheme Texas Has Ever Seen" (Texas Monthly • Sep 2020) 23:00 "Plenty of Ammo" (Texas Monthly • Aug 2001) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Rerun: #473 Khabat Abbas (Jan 2022)
    Khabat Abbas is an independent journalist and video producer from northeastern Syria, and the winner of the 2021 Kurt Schork News Fixer Award. ”I can see from my experience that there is a gap between the editors, who are kind of elites in their luxury offices, and the amazing journalists who are in the field, who all sympathize with what they are seeing on the ground and want to cover [it], but they have to satisfy the editors. And this is how we end up having little gaps in the ways of covering in general. It's not a matter of like, they shaped it in this way. The problem, I think, it’s bigger. How this industry is working, how this industry is deciding what they should cover.” Show notes: @khabat_abas Kurt Schork Awards in International Journalism 34:00 "'Belief Allows Us to Move Forward,' Said One Female Soldier in Battle Against ISIS" (ABC News • July 2017) 40:00 "The Former 'Caliphate Capital' Is Haunted by Fears of an ISIS Comeback" (Washington Post • May 2020) 43:00 "How ISIS Women and Their Children Are Being Left Stranded in the Desert" (Washington Post • Dec 2019) 43:00 "ISIS at a Crossroads" (Washington Post • Dec 2019) 43:00 "After the ISIS Caliphate: Thousands of Islamic State Fighters Captured in Syria Face Uncertain Fate" (Washington Post • Dec 2019) 51:00 "'This Is Ethnic Cleansing': A Dispatch from Kurdish Syria" (New York Review of Books • Oct 2019) 51:00 "For Kurds on the Syrian Front Line There’s No Ceasefire" (The Daily Beast • Nov 2019) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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