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Podcast Beyond Homo Sapien

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  • We Interrogate The ChatGPT 🤖 A.I. Writing Tool
    Hey everyone, I'm excited to have two special guests on the show today - ChatGPT, a super advanced AI language model, and our new co-host of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast, Scotty Pelzel. Want to learn more about the evolution of humanity and the future of the species? Go to On this episode of the podcast, Scotty and I will be interviewing ChatGPT and using this advanced AI language tool to guide our discussion. The result is a fun and philosophical conversation about the future of artificial intelligence and AI language processing. As you may know, ChatGPT is an AI model that's been trained on a massive amount of text, which allows it to generate responses that sound relatively human-like. This makes it a powerful tool for tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and even writing creative content, like the very description you're reading right now! During the episode, Scotty and Paul will be discussing the inner workings of ChatGPT and some of the incredible things it can do. They'll also be exploring practical applications of this technology and how it can improve our daily lives, such as in chatbots and natural language processing. But that's not all, as they'll also be delving into some of the bigger, more philosophical questions surrounding AI and language. For example, what does it mean for a machine to truly understand language? And as AI models like ChatGPT become increasingly advanced, how will this impact the way we interact with technology and with each other? So, join us for a fun and thought-provoking conversation with ChatGPT, where we'll be discussing the technical side of things but also getting into some deeper, more meaningful discussions. Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you never miss an episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Thanks for tuning in! Want to subscribe to Scotty P's Jiu-Jitsu Breakdown YouTube channel? Click here:  Want to watch the ChatGPT Walkthrough video? Click here:  Want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence gaining consciousness back in 2019? Click here: Make sure you subscribe to the channel so you never miss an episode.
  • How To Use Artificial Intelligence Tools Like ChatGPT To ADVANCE Yourself
    Go to and check out all there is to learn about Hermetic philosophy, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the future of humanity, and the development of superpowers. Are you curious about how to ChatGPT to advance your life forward? In this video, you will learn about how to use this powerful tool to create content like this YouTube video description: Welcome to our video on how to use ChatGPT, the powerful AI tool that helps businesses and individuals streamline their content creation and research processes. In this video, we'll walk you through the basics of ChatGPT and show you how to use it to generate ideas, do research, and automate various content creation tasks. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this video has something for everyone. To get started with ChatGPT, you'll first need to sign up for a free account and input your desired language and training data. This training data can include your business's basic information, product descriptions, or any other relevant information that you want your chatbot to be able to reference. Once you've input your training data, ChatGPT will use machine learning algorithms to generate responses based on this information. In this video, I show you how to use ChatGPT to create content for a blog, podcast, or social media platform. We also discuss the opportunity of using an AI tool like ChatGPT to help you write pitches to raise capital, advertise for your business, and a number of other technical tasks. One of the great things about ChatGPT is that it allows you to customize the tone and style of your chatbot's responses. This can be especially helpful when creating content for a business or podcast, as it allows you to match the voice and personality of your brand. Another helpful feature of ChatGPT is its ability to generate conversation flows and content ideas based on specific topics or keywords. Simply input a topic or keyword, and ChatGPT will generate a list of potential conversation starters or content ideas that you can use to engage your audience. This can be especially useful for businesses or podcasts that are looking to create fresh, relevant content on a regular basis. I use this to get content ideas for the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast. In addition to generating conversation and content ideas, ChatGPT can also be used to automate your social media posting. Simply input the text of your desired post, and ChatGPT will generate variations on the theme to create a series of unique posts that you can schedule to go out at regular intervals. This can be a great time-saver for businesses or podcasts that want to keep their social media presence active without having to constantly come up with new ideas. AI tools like ChatGPT can also be helpful for doing research, as they can quickly sift through large amounts of data and identify patterns and trends that might not be immediately apparent to humans. For example, if you're working on a market research project, you can use ChatGPT to analyze customer feedback, social media conversations, or other sources of data to identify common themes and insights. This can help you make more informed decisions and create more targeted and effective content. How will AI tools like ChatGPT influence the future of work? At the end of this episode, we get into a philosophical chat about why we should seek to merge with Artificial Intelligence to offload our monotonous jobs. Instead of spending more time in front of a computer or TV screen, AI has the ability to help us spend more time in nature. We must cultivate and harness our creative abilities. By using a tool like ChatGPT, you can catapult your creative genius. All you must do is ACT. Overall, ChatGPT is a versatile and powerful AI tool that can help businesses and individuals create engaging content and do research more efficiently. We hope this video has given you a good understanding of how to use ChatGPT and that you're now ready to start using it to make content and do research more efficiently. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you in the next video!
  • Hermeticism and Alchemy
    Go to to learn more about Hermetic philosophy, Alchemy, magic, and the development of superpowers. In this episode, we will explore the fascinating connection between Hermetic philosophy and alchemy. We will delve into a bit of the history of alchemy and how it emerged as a way to achieve spiritual transformation. We will discuss the central tenets of alchemy and how they align with the teachings of Hermetic philosophy. At the end of the day, these are all the same Esoteric belief system that dates back to Atlantis. For more information on the ancient belief system of Atlantis and the ancient world, check out this book "Anacalypsis" by Hermeticist Godfrey Higgins. Whether we are talking about Gnosticism, Hermetic philosophy, Freemasonry, Alchemy, the Kabbalah, or Rosicrucianism, we are discussing the ancient practices of reality creation and the teaching that man can be "one with god". This viewpoint that mankind was divine was deemed heretical by the Church during the time of the Inquisition. As a result, the church began to demonize the esoteric philosophies and created the need for an "underground" philosophy. Thus, a "living language for the disciple of Hermes" was created and alchemy was born. On this episode, we will also delve into the symbolism of alchemy and how it relates to the journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. We will discuss the concept of the "philosopher's stone," which was believed to be a substance that could grant eternal life and enlightenment to those who possessed it. Was this actually possible? What does the allegory of the philosophers stone mean? Finally, we will examine the role of the divine in alchemy and how it relates to the broader themes of unity and balance in Hermetic philosophy. Whether you are a seasoned expert in Hermetic philosophy or new to the subject, this episode will provide a rich and rewarding exploration of the connections between these two fascinating traditions. On this episode, I read from two books. You can check them out here: The Doctrine & Ritual of High Magic by Eliphas Levi and The Hermetic & Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus by Waite & Paracelsus 
  • [IMPORTANT] WHOOPS... I Made A Mistake
    Go to the Beyond Homo Sapien website to learn more about Hermetic philosophy, the evolution of superpowers, and the future of the species. WHOOPS! I made a mistake that resulted in you not being able to listen to 2/3rds of the podcast. Listen to this episode for the details. Long story short: Merry Christmas... There are now an extra 200ish episodes of the podcast to listen to. You just might need to scroll a bit to find them. The older episodes of the show were not displaying due to a technical error. Listen to this episode for the details of this weird glitch in the Matrix that resulted in you not being able to listen to most of this podcast... Oh well! Happy Holidays & Happy New Year... Here's to a glorious 2023!
  • The Immortal Count Of Saint Germain
    The immortal Count of Saint Germain is a historical figure who appeared at the courts of Europe during the 1700s and 1800s. Over a period of a few hundred years, numerous European aristocrats would vouch for the reputation and assistance of this man. This Count of Saint Germain was alleged to be immortal and a master of the ancient mysteries. In the book "The Trinosophia of the Comte De St. Germain", Manly Hall delivers a compelling investigative piece into the history of his man. You can find the book here. In this episode, I read from the Trinosophia and talk about the possibility of the Count of Saint Germain existing. The latest discoveries in science suggest that immortality should be possible. Given this, it is fair to assume that someone has figured out that secret at some point in history. Such a person would indeed become an influential figure, given their immortal ability. On this episode, I share about the likliness of these figures existing and what that means for humanity.

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