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Myths and Legends

Podcast Myths and Legends
Podcast Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends


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  • 305-Turkish Folklore: Angry Bird
    The story of the Bird of Sorrow, from Turkish folklore, has love, loss, gratitude, people messing up coffeehouses, genie girlfriends, and elaborate pranks involving not being able to take off your pants. It's a big week. The creature is the neugle, a handsome little horse that gives Lil' Sebastian a run for his money. -- Music: "Among the Reeds" by Podington Bear "Caprese" by Blue Dot Sessions "Chel Taza" by Blue Dot Sessions "Enter on Bull Lake" by Podington Bear "Nesting" by Podington Bear "Confluence" by Podington Bear
  • 304-Celtic Folklore: Among Us
    Two stories from Celtic folklore of the things that lurk among us: witches that live in our home town, trolls that hold dance parties on the frozen wastes, and tiny, 1000-year-old fairy creatures who are buying drinks after work. The creature this week is the Giant of Smeeth, who would really like you to watch your language, please. ***Slight correction*** I mention that it is 9th century Scotland in the first story. It's...probably not? The stories are just kind of vaguely Medieval or Early Modern and it likely takes place in the late Middle Ages since witchcraft wasn't a capital offense in England until the 1500s.  The 9th century bit was part of a throwaway joke about margaritas at girl's night, but I thought it would be better to be more accurate. -- Membership: -- Sponsor: This episode of Myths and Legends is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.  -- Music: "The Ascent" by Chad Crouch "Down and Around" by Chad Crouch "October Shuffle" by Chad Crouch "Filesharer's Lament" by Chad Crouch "Running on Empty" by Chad Crouch
  • 303-Japanese Folklore: Rice and Means
    Two stories from Japan about samurai (and wannabe samurai) following their dreams. Too bad it takes fights with giant creatures and a little bit of murder to do so. The creature this time is ao nyōbō, and she doesn't want you to stop by her beautiful, horribly dilapidated mansion. -- Creature page: Fart spray: Membership: -- Sponsors: BOMBAS! with code LEGENDS at checkout for 20% off your first purchase. SIMPLISAFE! for 20% off your order with interactive monitoring. -- Music: "Engine Flicker" by Blue Dot Sessions "Silver Lanyard" by Blue Dot Sessions "Weathervane" by Blue Dot Sessions
  • 302-Jewish Folklore: Losing Hares
    This week, we learn where you shouldn't kiss a rabbit (it's exactly where you think), and how a dance party can save a city. The creature is B.O.B., the Beast of Blattenboro, and he's here to do two things: exsanguinate dogs and scare people...and there is a lot of dog blood to suck and people to scare, so it's going to be around for a while. -- Links! Links here! Get your links! Creepy baby hand candles: The Beast of Blattenboro newspaper article: Membership: -- Music: "Andelo" by Blue Dot Sessions "Chrome and Wax" by Blue Dot Sessions "Our Only Lark" by Blue Dot Sessions
  • 301-Japanese Folklore: After Sundown
    The story of a family and the monsters that hunt them. The twist? These are monsters that they might know better than they realize. The creature is snow snake! It's a snake that lives in the snow, and if you're thinking, "that's ridiculous, snakes are cold blooded!" Well, while you were thinking about that it bit you and you died. Congrats. -- Links! Reuter's fact-check on Snow Snakes (2021): Snopes on Snow Snakes (2014): Support the show: See for privacy information.

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