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Super Hero Homies!

Podcast Super Hero Homies!
Podcast Super Hero Homies!

Super Hero Homies!


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  • Podcast Assembled: Hot Ones Challenge
    The leading voices from Tavern Notice Board, Entertainment Evolved, and SuperHero Homies come together to attempt the Hot Ones challenge. Our host, Joe from Suplexes & Microphones, asks us a series of questions as we try not to die. Check it out!!
  • Quantumania Preview: Who's Kang?
    Exactly a month from now Ant-Man 3, Quantumania will be in theaters! We watch and discuss the latest trailer, then we give a deep dive breakdown on Kang the Conqueror (and all his many iterations). Check it out at the link below or wherever you get your podcast!
  • Homie Trivia!
    For the first time ever, we have a game show live on the podcast! Oz, Caleb, and Kevin put their wits to the test to answer superhero related questions. This is one of the most fun episodes we've had, and we think you guys will really enjoy it! How tough are the questions? Who Wins? Who sings the awesome theme song?! Check it out!
  • Top Superhero Live Action Scenes pt.2
    Kevin and I live watch and commentate some of our favorite live action superhero scenes. We revisit Daredevil, Winter Soldier, The Watchmen, Ironman and a whole lot more. Help us bring in the new year right and check out this awesome episode!
  • The 2022 Homies Award Ceremony
    Has it been a year already?! It's time for the most prestigious award ceremony to take place. We have more categories, more orchestral music, and more fun! Join us as we look back on the year before looking forward to things to come. Here's your invite to the 2022 Homies Award!

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Super Hero Homies!

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