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Podcast Cut & Paste

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  • Cut & Paste — Hounds
    After years of twists and turns, the twentysomething St. Louis band sit on the eve of its major label debut.
  • Cut & Paste — "A Walking Christmas Carol" Is A Fresh Adaptation Of Dickens
    One idea behind it is to create an upbeat and safe activity for people who’ve been getting most of their entertainment via computer or TV screens during the coronavirus pandemic. Audiences can’t gather in a theater for a stage adaptation of the story this December, but they can stroll down the streets of the Central West End. Another is to showcase artists of color, particularly Black artists, who have historically been underrepresented in the vision of Christmas presented by mass media.
  • Cut & Paste — Brent R. Benjamin
    From raising $160 million to shipping a lonely Monet, Brent R. Benjamin has seen a lot in 21 years as director of St. Louis Art Museum. He reflects on his tenure and looks ahead to how museums can adapt to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Cut & Paste — musical duo Sample Kulture
    “Upstairs Headroom” explores similar territory as “A Thousand Shades,” with deeper drinks of jazz fusion, electronic elements and ear-friendly pop poured into the style. The pair describe it as “future soul.”
  • Cut & Paste — Illustrator D.B. Dowd
    D.B. Dowd has spent a lot of time collecting and studying the history of illustration, a category of artwork that art historians and art museums have sometimes overlooked.

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