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KCRW Good Food

Podcast KCRW Good Food
Podcast KCRW Good Food

KCRW Good Food


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  • Ghanaian food, Halloween prep, sugar skulls, pears
    Chef and food justice activist Zoe Adjonyoh returns to Ghana to explore her cultural ancestry and gather recipes. Julia Sherman has entertaining ideas and candy alternatives for Halloween. Delilah Snell shares traditions of Día de los Muertos, including the construction of altars and the significance of offerings left to welcome back the souls of deceased relatives. This week’s “In the Weeds” features Jonathan Yang, who opened Thank You Coffee in Chinatown to give back to the community and draw people back to legacy businesses. Christine Tran of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council explains a new county report showing better food insecurity statistics but trends with unemployment rates. Finally, Naomi Shim is making pastry with farmer’s market pears.
  • Korean vegan, Golden Tortilla winner, huitlacoche, milk bread
    Attorney Joanne Lee Molinaro went vegan five years ago, modernizing the traditional Korean foods of her childhood and documenting the journey on TikTok as the Korean Vegan. She shares recipes and her family’s immigrant story in her new cookbook. Burritos La Palma is the winner of this year’s Great Tortilla Tournament of Champions, and owner Albert Bañuelos has been receiving congratulations from Jerez, where his father started the tortilleria over 40 years ago. At the farmer’s market, a Mexican delicacy known as huitlacoche is making a rare appearance. Kristina Cho uses her background in architecture to bake a perfectly versatile milk bread. There’s no looking back for pastry chef Hannah Ziskin who opened the doors of House of Gluten during the pandemic, and shares what’s next for “In the Weeds.” Finally, LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison visits Agnes in Pasadena.
  • The Fuerte Four, boba, Thai in Hollywood, dates
    The gloves are off as Gustavo Arellano breaks down the Fuerte Four finalists in the flour and corn tortilla categories leading up to Sunday’s final judging at Smorgasburg for the Great Tortilla Tournament. Food and travel journalist shares her picks for top boba spots in the San Gabriel Valley. Luv 2 Eat chefs Noree Pla and Fern Kaewtathip brought their Thai cuisine from Phuket to Hollywood, and chronicle their journey in this week’s “In the Weeds.” Chef and restaurateur Peter Hoffman explains why restaurants and diners need to work together to improve the industry. It’s date season at the farmer’s market. Finally, LA Times restaurant critic travels to Little Ethiopia for a global pop-up.
  • Kitchen hacks, The Eso 8, superweeds, savory pancakes
    What’s the old adage — there’s no use crying over spilt milk? The same goes for burnt toast, according to Cal Peternell. He offers hacks and fixes for the most common kitchen flubs. Next, mother and daughter Maria and Cindy Vera share their battle with the city to keep their family business called La Gloria, which has been making flour tortillas since 1954. Gustavo Arellano returns to share the Eso 8 in the flour and corn brackets of the Great Tortilla Tournament of Champions. H. Claire Brown reports on herbicide’s losing battle against superweeds. LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison bites into an array of savory pancakes in Koreatown. And quince is having its day at the farmer’s market.
  • Soaring food prices, Macedonian cuisine, Lebanese pop-up, and tortillas
    Eighteen months into the pandemic, the days of hoarding toilet paper are mercifully over. But that’s not to say there aren’t disruptions in the supply chain causing shortages on grocery store shelves, along with inflation. Laura Reiley reports on the business of food and why groceries are going to cost more through the end of the year. Gustavo Arellano is back with the annual Great Tortilla Tournament, which has been narrowed down to the Suave 16. Katerina Nitsou shares comfort food recipes from Macedonia that are perfect for the cooling forecast. LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison discovers homestyle Lebanese recipes made from a kitchen in Hollywood. And market correspondent Gillian Ferguson tracks down guava and perilla at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market that are ripe for this Indian Summer.

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