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5 live News Specials

Podcast 5 live News Specials
Podcast 5 live News Specials

5 live News Specials


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  • Tasha Ghouri: Why deafness is my superpower
    Love Island star Tasha Ghouri has a cochlear implant - a small, electronic device that can help to provide a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard-of-hearing. It has two parts: one worn like a hearing aid behind the ear and the other surgically implanted. The implant turns sounds into electrical signals, instead of simply making sounds louder, like a conventional hearing aid would. So it's an option for some adults and children when a normal hearing aid won't work. When Tasha went on Love Island this year, she described her cochlear implant as a superpower. Naga Munchetty introduced Tasha to three women who she's inspired.
  • Voice of the UK: Accents
    Has your accent helped or hindered you? A new study has found one in four people say they've been mocked for their accents at work.
  • Voice of the UK: Greta Thunberg Q&A
    19-year-old Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg joins BBC 5 Live’s Nihal Arthanayake and answers listeners questions like ‘What do you find most frustrating about human behaviour?’ and ‘What can kids do about climate change?’
  • Voice of the UK: Former refugee on migration issues
    Dr Waheed Arian arrived alone in the UK aged 15 as an Afghan refugee, he’s now an NHS doctor and author. He gives Radio 5 Live’s Clare McDonnell his view on the issues at Manston migrant centre.
  • Scott Mitchell: ‘Dementia is a cruel illness’
    Scott Mitchell, husband to the late Dame Barbara Windsor, says the day a loved one is diagnosed with dementia is the “day most people begin their grieving”. Speaking to Radio 5 Live’s Naga Munchetty, the Alzheimer’s Research UK ambassador shared memories of his life with “Babs”, how she reacted to her diagnosis and his thoughts on social care.

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