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Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

Podcast Spectrum | Deutsche Welle
Podcast Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

Spectrum | Deutsche Welle


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  • The fake magic mind-reading experiment
    What if a brain scan could tell your true political beliefs? And what if the whole thing was a cleverly crafted lie?
  • It's the most wonderful time (to think about relationships)
    Do you remember when, or where, you learned what a 'healthy' relationship was? Neither do we.
  • Weekly roundup — Things that should've been answered already
    Is it really true that uneducated people grossly overestimate their cognitive abilities? And also, if you've never thought about the sex lives of snakes... join the (not very good) club.
  • You're more likely to catch a cold if you (and your nose) are cold
    If a virus gets inside your nose, your nasal cells fight back — but that immune response weakens as your nose gets cooler.
  • 'Choreplay' is real
    New research shows women lose sexual interest in their partners if the latter don't do their share of household chores.

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Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

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