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Podcast We Are Netflix

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  • The Science and Storytelling of Sustainability at Netflix
    Last year, Netflix made a pledge to reduce carbon emissions.. In this episode, we speak with Emma Stewart, Netflix Sustainability Officer and Shannon Bart, who leads sustainability on film and TV productions. We discuss how Netflix is progressing on climate goals and how we’re revamping aspects of the movie-making process that are more eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • A Sneak Peek at What’s to Come for Season 6
    From DVDs to streaming, the U.S. to 190+ countries and licensing to producing our own films and TV series; Netflix is no stranger to change. In Season 6 of the WeAreNetflix podcast, we're diving into the areas Netflix is evolving in as a business. This season's topics include sustainability, gaming, franchise-building, production innovation, and films, being released bi-weekly starting September 12th!
  • Career Growth and Development
    How does career growth occur in a freedom and responsibility company like Netflix? Netflix employees including leaders in Human Resources discuss our approach to growth and development and their personal experiences within it.
  • Working Parents at Netflix
    Let's be real: being a parent and/or care giver is a full time job in of itself. Hear from working parents at Netflix about their personal experiences and how they support one another.
  • Unique Career Paths
    Remember pop singer Vitamin C whose hit song "Graduation" might have made you cry at your graduation? Well she works at Netflix now, leading the creative music direction for your favorite Netflix films and series! On this episode of the WeAreNetflix podcast, we dive into unique career paths of Netflix employees and their advice on how to be unconventionally successful.

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