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Exchanges - Ideas and Argument Podcast

Exchanges - Ideas and Argument Podcast

Podcast Exchanges - Ideas and Argument Podcast
Podcast Exchanges - Ideas and Argument Podcast

Exchanges - Ideas and Argument Podcast


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  • World Questions: Indonesia
    The rights of indigenous peoples, the practicalities of imposing a ban on sex outside marriage, public education and how Indonesia can boost its economy to reach its full potential are some of the issues brought up for discussion by the Indonesian public. Indonesia, which is made up of over 17,000 islands stretching from Asia to Australia, faces many challenges including demands for independence in several provinces, environmental degradation, food insecurity and a capital city that is slowly sinking into the ground. In this virtual edition of World Questions, Jonny Dymond asks Indonesians how they see the future of their country. The panel: Sandiaga Uno: Minister for Tourism and the Creative Economy Rukka Sombolinggi: Secretary General, Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) Yenny Wahid: Director of Wahid Institute Andreas Harsono: Human Rights Watch, Indonesia Producers: Steven Williams and Helen Towner
  • World Questions: Italy
    Georgia Meloni has been sworn in as Italy’s first female Prime Minister and leader of a new right-wing government. She has committed to reducing immigration, helping families in difficulty with high energy prices and supporting Ukraine with arms and aid. Jonny Dymond, with a public audience and panel of leading politicians debate big issues facing this European democracy, including trust in politics, war in Europe and LGBTQ rights. On the panel: Nicola Procaccini MEP: Head of Energy and Environment for Fratelli D’Italia Christian Di Sanzo MP: PD Deputy for North and Central America Senator Alessandra Maiorino: Deputy Leader of Movimento 5 Stelle in the Senate Paola Tommasi: Economic Advisor to Forza Italia and Columnist for Il Tempo
  • World Questions: Malawi
    Fuel shortages, electricity cuts, food security, climate change and corruption: Jonny Dymond presents a public debate in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, on these issues of national importance. Malawi is one of the poorest nations on earth with over half the population living on less than a dollar a day. How to move the country forward? The panel includes some of Malawi’s senior politicians and campaigners who answer questions posed directly by the audience. The panel: Gospel Kazako: Minister for Information and Government spokesman Marie Mainja: Of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chikondi Chijozi: Lawyer and a commissioner on the Malawian Human Rights Commission Charles Kajoloweka: Founder and Executive Director of Youth and Society (YAS) BBC World Questions is a series of international events created in partnership with the British Council, which connects the UK and the world through arts, culture, education and the English language. (Photo: Women and Children in Lilongwe, Malawi)
  • Global Questions: Taiwan, a flashpoint for China and the West?
    China’s claims that the ‘breakaway’ island of Taiwan has always been part of its territory, has led some to believe that Beijing will be emboldened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and will move to annex the island. With President Xi Jinping’s crackdown on freedoms and democracy in Hong Kong, the Taiwanese are becoming more nervous - particularly as President Putin proclaimed Russia is building a new "democratic world order" with China. But if China were to invade Taiwan how would the West respond – particularly the USA?
  • World Questions: Buenos Aires
    An assassination attempt on the Vice President, the impact of legalising abortion, sky-high inflation and the Falkland/Malvinas question: the big issues in Argentina are debated by an enthusiastic audience firing challenging questions at a panel of experts and political insiders in the capital. Jonny Dymond presents on location in this vibrant and vocal Latin American democracy. The Panel: Delfina Rossi: Economist and Director of Banco Cuidad Emmanuel Ferrario: Vice Chief of Government for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Ana Iparraguirre:, Political Analyst and Senior Vice President of GBAO Consulting Agostina Mileo: Environmental Scientist and Feminist Activist

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